Our founder Max Spooner started out by experimenting with Adobe Photoshop from the age of 11.  It was from here Max was able to combine his love for motorsport with his new found passion for design. Using the now popular rFactor platform Max started designing race car liveries and developed his skills to launch Quatermass Motorsport in March 2011. In June that year Quatermass Design was born as a motorsport livery design company.

While still offering race car liveries and motorsport branding in 2017 Quatermass Design became a digital marketing company specialising in social media and video content for small local businesses.


A lot of businesses are still not getting the most out of social media and some don't even use it at all. At Quatermass Design our job is to help businesses make the jump into the digital world using content that will help them expose themselves to new audiences, engage with existing clients and generate new leads to increase sales.